Cluster specifications


Rack and stack 1x R720 I/O node, 2x M620 Master and head nodes and 10x M620 compute nodes. Install Gnu/Linux Scientific Debian and Windows HPC cluster pack. 1x MD3200 with 24x 2TB disks.
Configure 2x RAID6 for a total of 35387 GB usable space. Mount on I/O node locally as /nfs and /cifs. Mount as /nfs via NFS on compute nodes and F: on windows compute nodes respectively


1x Dell|Poweredge M620 Master Node
1x Dell|Poweredge M620 head Node
1x Dell|Poweredge R720 I/O Node
10x Dell|Poweredge M620 Compute nodes

  • Each node has two CPUs Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2680 0 @ 2.70GHz with 8 cores this is, 16 cores per node
  • 256 GB of RAM memory.


1x Dell|Powervault MD3200 with 24x 2TB NL-SAS hard disk drives on two raid groups (RAID 6)
All volumes defined on the MD will be shared from the IO node to the compute, master and head nodes through the storage network.
42 TB storage share through NFS system in /share1 and /share2 folders to every node

Network Equipment

2x Dell|Powerconnect M6248 switches for ITM and Management networks (isolated)
2x M8024-K 10 Gbps Switches for MPI and shared storage networks.

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