Guidelines and rules

General guidelines for cluster use

  • Users cannot place processes directly on the master node. If a process is found there it will be terminated without notice and the account will be suspended.
  • Process should only be executed through the scheduler system TorquePBS
  • Graphical remote connections are forbidden because of its high CPU use.
  • Dropbox use is forbidden because of its high memory use.
  • In case of loss of data due to power malfunction, hardware or software problems, each user is responsible ofr its information. The cluster has no backup system.
  • All iligal activities are forbidden, this includes, illegal downloads, hacktivist activities among others. If this activity is found the user account will be disabled permanently and the activity will be informed to the relevant authorities,
  • It is advised to run the data processes in the shared partitions /share1 and /share2
  • A maximum of 4 nodes are available per user, this is to guarantee the availability of the computational resources to all users. I case of overuse of these resources, the administrator is allowed to terminate the extra processes.

About the cluster administrator

  • He is not responsible for:
    • The execution of the programs you need for your research.
    • Licencing issues with your software.
    • Illegal software installed in user accounts.

  • He is responsible for:
    • maintain the system working properly and updated.
    • Apply security patches to server and nodes.
    • Watch over the proper use of the shared resources and the activity of the users.
    • Restoring the services in case of hardware or software failure.

For more informationfeel free to contact the administration at admonclusterparquei en

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